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Australia Wide Container Transport.

We transport 20 and 40 foot containers Australia wide via rail. From Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth Darwin.
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Australia Wide Container Hire

We have 20 and 40 foot containers available for hire australia wide. Enquire today for short term hire and transport.
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Customs Clearence.

Importing containers into the country ? We provide international sea freight and customs clearance through all the ports into Australia.

We are one of the very few suppliers in Australia who will provide an end to end solution for shipping container movements, including importing from Asia Pacific and China to any seaport in Australia and provide customs clearance and cartage to your door. Rail transport provides cost effective way  to transport goods over long distances as opposed to trucks and semi trailers. A single freight train is equivalent to anywhere from 20 to 40 articulated semi trucks less on the road. Imagine the pollution and traffic chaos that shipping via rail can potentially avoid. Today rail freight operates from all capital cities in Australia  and and many regional areas like Albury and Wagga Wagga in NSW and Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Innisfail, Bowen, Townsville and Cairns and North Queensland. Further to this the department of  transport and infrastructure has proposed in inland railway from Melbourne to Brisbane connecting most regional Victoria, New south wales and Queensland hubs. More information can be found on their website here . The following are some of the most common routes that we service : Brisbane to Perth, Sydney to Perth, Melbourne to Perth, Perth to Sydney, Perth to Brisbane, Perth to Melbourne, Perth to Adelaide, Melbourne to Brisbane, Melbourne to Sydney, Melbourne to Adelaide, Melbourne to Darwin, Brisbane to Melbourne, Brisbane to Sydney, Brisbane to Adelaide, Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, Sydney to Adelaide, Sydney to Darwin.

Other Services. Your other container requirements.

Shipping Quotes

Contact us via our quick quote form for an obligation free quote or send a message via one of our listed contact methods. We can provide a quote to move your container or include one of our hire units with the quote. We will make sure that our quote is highly competitive while providing you with the highest level of service.

After hours delivery.

We understand every customer and every project comes with different requirements and we are always prepared. Dealing with shipping containers can be a complicated task but doesn’t have to be. If delivery is required at midnight in the middle of the country, this can be arranged with prior notice. You will also be given access to a night allocators and truck drivers phone number to keep in touch with us.

Container Compliance.

In order for a shipping container to travel by rail or sea, it needs to have a compliance certificate. Further to this, if a container is modified in some way, then its current compliance is automatically void. We provide this service nationwide. We will either come to you and inspect your container onsite or collect your container and bring to our site.

Container Storage

If you aren’t ready to receive the delivery of your container and need a short term storage solution, we have space available throughout the country. We are glad to inform our clients that we are now able to offer both short and long term storage solutions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


  • To move a 20 foot across the street may cost around $200.00
  • To move a 20 foot around 5 tonnes of weight from Sydney to Perth is around $3300+GST.
  • To move a 20 foot hired from us from Sydney to Perth will cost around $4250+GST
  • To move a 20 foot from Sydney to  Melbourne owned by you will cost $1350+GST
  • Factors to consider are container size, weight, distance, mode (road or rail).

Short Distances under 1000km – usually via truck all the way.

More than 1000 km – truck -train – truck


  • To move a 20 foot owned by you from Perth to Melbourne is $1550+GST.
  • To move a 20 foot owned by you from Melbourne to Perth is $3100+GST
  • The factors that influence costs are : direction of move (east to west, north to south), container weight, distance, mode(rail, road or sea).


  • To move a 40 foot across the street will cost around $300+GST
  • To move a 40 foot from Sydney to Perth will cost around $6000+GST (Your container and max weight of 8 tons).
  • To move a 40 foot from Perth to Sydney  will cost around $2650+GST (Your container and max weight of 8 tons).
  • The factors that influence costs are : direction of move (east to west, north to south), container weight, distance, mode(rail, road or sea).
  • 1 x 3 bedroom house.
  • 10 x euro size pallets (1165 x 1165 x 2200)

Internal Dimensions

  • Length –  5.71 m/18ft 8 inches,  Width – 2.352 m/7ft 9 inches
  • Height – 2.385 m/7ft 9.5 inches, High Cube – 2.69m/8ft 10 inches.
  • Volume – 32 cubic meters, High Cube – 37 cubic meters

20 x euro size pallets. 1165 x 1165 x 2500 height.

Empty 40 foot General Purpose = 3750KG

Empty 40 foot High Cube = 4150KG

May differ slightly depending on manufacturer.

Generally yes, but depending on the condition it is in obviously.

Shipping containers deemed Cargoworthy are wind and water tight.

Shipping containers deemed Railworthy are structurally sound for transport on rail but may not be water or wind proof.

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